Hemus-ko ltd is registered as a company at 3/02/2000. The firm is created with the major purpose to distribute starter and traction batteries, as well as chargers, within the country and abroad.

Throughout our existence we have established ourselves as the biggest distributor of “Elhim Iskra”, the leading Bulgarian producer of traction and starter batteries, distributing their products within Bulgaria, exporting to Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and other countries. The full range of traction and starter batteries and their supplements satisfies the requirements of our most demanding clients.

We can be very useful to you when it comes to:
- Quick and price-wise delivery of starter batteries;
- Professional consultancy, regarding a suitable battery for your forklift, and a door to door delivery;
- Delivery of a non-standard battery – given beforehand the specific requirements (voltage, size, etc) - helping you to choose the right charger for your battery and quickly deliver it;
- Quick, efficient and affordable delivery to/from Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus.