Traction batteries.
“Elhim-iskra” Pazardjik produces traction batteries designed to power up hoisting and transportation devices such as electric trucks. Depending on the technological process of manufacturing there are four types if batteries we offer:
Traction Flat batteries
Within this type of batteries the active mass (in a pasty condition) is spread on to the trellis- made of lead-antimony alloy, with a special machine under certain pressure.
Traction PzS batteries
Within this type of batteries the positive trellis has a complicated configuration of different spikes separated in a distinct tube separator. The active mass (in a suspension condition) is delivered under high pressure using special machinery.
Pzs Batteries augmented resource type L
In accordance with all European requirements a new type of product with augmented resource has been developed.  This product is distinctive because of:

Armored batteries  with highly augmented capacity type H
This product is distinctive because of:

The advantages of the traction batteries “Elhim-iskra” produces :
Usage of raw materials from guaranteed suppliers with a system of quality control ISO
99.99% lead purity
Lead-antimony alloys with a 1.86% antimony content and specially designed dope component
Tube separator Amersil, characterized by a minimal dispose of mass into electrolyte of sulphur acid < 1%
Polyethylene separator, characterized by low ohm resistance
Highly technologic antioxidants, separators and special additives, high energetic characteristics of the batteries
Capacity (C5) > 110%
Preservation of capacity of the battery after a 30 day non working period   C5 > 90% 
Working resource with a one shift working regime and a strict exploitation with regards to the instructions guarantees more than 1500 cycles
The traction batteries are installed in a metal box with a plastic cover /installed using unique technology, resistant to all aggressive and negative aspects under heavy conditions of exploitation.