The second biggest business of “Hemus-ko” is the transport, custom services and logistics. So far, mainly, we handle cargo destined to and from Russia, The Baltic countries and within Bulgaria. On average we cope around 250-300 transported units annually.
We offer wide range of services:
We organise and arrange cargo transportation of single and grouped cargo units.
We handle the warehousing and re-exportation of cargo within the Duty Free Zones.
We develop attractive offers and optimal transportation solutions.
We provide constant up to date information about the movement of cargo and the transportation.
We offer a complete and professional consultancy regarding the transportation of your cargo.
In partnership with “Unisped Inc” and “Translend” we organize sea, railway and container transportation which further enhances the optimal services our clients would obtain.
What we aim is to be useful to all producers, consumers, retailers and carriers.